Thursday, January 23, 2014

Foodie in the Mission 101

I spent my weekend in San Francisco exclusively in the Mission district, only leaving the neighbourhood once to go to Haight-Ashbury. Considering the circumstances and the fact that I'd been to San Francisco before and done a fair share of sightseeing, I don't feel bad about it. The Mission is a great place, and I mean Great. To eat, to drink, to have breakfast or afternoon tea, to shop, to do anything you want - you can do all that in the Mission. Below are the food and drink establishments that I have visited last week and loved.

Paprika (3324 24th Street) is a cozy restaurant with a classy vibe, specializing in goulash and sausages. There are two goulash options on the menu, one slightly more expensive than the other, with sour cream and sauerkraut - that's the one you should get. Delicious.

Mission Pie (2901 Mission Street) is a pie shop, duh. Their banana cream pie is to die for. They also have hearty stew served with kale, which is all the craze in California, apparently.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen (3150 24th Street) is a deli cafe, where I had a slightly hungover breakfast. Chopped liver, pastrami scrambled eggs, bottomless coffee make Kaplansky's in Toronto look like a joke. Or maybe I'm just biased!

Zoe's Bar and Restaurant (3088 24th Street), has great cocktails that, considering the level of fancy, are quite decently priced. Trouble and Strife with beaten egg and a flower on top particularly stands out.

Boogaloos (3296 22nd Street) is a favourite breakfast haunt of the Mission hipsters. Chorizo scrambled eggs with black beans and salsa tomatoes tasted great and filled me up till a very late lunch. Since I was there at 9 am on a Friday, all the hipsters were at their coworking offices, presumably.

When I needed a coffee break to get some work done, my two coffices were Philz Coffee (3101 24th Street) and Haus (3086 24th Street), both lively and full of Mac-yielding people of all ages. Philz has only brewed coffee, some 20 types, and Haus serves espresso drinks. Both naturally have Wi-Fi.

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