Friday, January 17, 2014

Back for More in San Francisco

I don't know where to start my post about San Francisco, except to note that I cannot believe I haven't blogged about it last year when visiting it for the first and second time.

One of the things I always remind myself of, and the thing that I remember well, is that the world is enormous and interesting and not confined by Barcelona, no matter how much I love the city.  The temptation to stick to the comfort zone and remain safe in the familiar surroundings is huge, and that's why I book my travels way in advance with non-refundable tickets - so that when the moment to travel comes I cannot cancel it. I never want to go travelling right before the set date, because I am always happy where I am, but I know how important it is for me to travel. Travelling expands my horizons (which are quite broad already, if I may say so), gives me energy, inspiration and focus. Travel is an immensely valuable investment for me and I never forget that with my head. With my heart, however, it is trickier, because the heart prefers to be calm, nevermind that it actually loves adventure and excitement.

The point of this long interlude is this: the night before yesterday I didn't feel like going to San Francisco at all. I would have had more time in Toronto, with my friends, family and my lovely nephew, I would have done more work, I would have slept better - what is this business, flying somewhere early in the morning for one weekend, crashing at someone's place, shopping for dresses? What is this nonsense? That this nonsense made perfect sense I realized only when my plane was taking off from the Minneapolis St. Paul airport where I had a short and painless layover. "My life is great", - this is what I thought during takeoff. This is what I always think during takeoff no matter where the plane is going.

And when I finally arrived to San Francisco, and it was sunny, and summery, and glorious, I realized yet again how thoroughly I forgot about all the excitement of travel. I need to be reminded all the damn time. San Francisco is intoxicating - not only because it's sunny and warm and cool here - but also because I am surrounded by energy, ambition and joie de vivre that never ceases to amaze when I come to the United States and especially California.

I am loving every second of it.

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