Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I heard New Zealand was nice this time of year

Well, I've just memorized another airport code - AKL. The hard way, one may say, because it sure isn't easy to look at the price tags associated with the magic combinations of LAX→AKL, YVR→AKL or, god forbid, YYZ→AKL. The number next to the dollar sign with the last one is truly hair-raising. For this reason, I am not sure I will find companions for that trip, at least those who would join me outside of New Zealand. Who knows if this plan, which struck me as brilliantly stupid and therefore promptly planted itself in my mind, will come to fruition.

Still, I do believe that the world premiere of The Hobbit in Wellington on November 28th is an excellent excuse to travel there. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, both the films and the book, is important to me; probably not as important as it is to Kiwis and their tourism board, but important nonetheless. It is a very extravagant excuse, but this trip has a potential to be truly magical.

Just wanted to share. Now back I go to researching the destination and planning to buy a guidebook.