Saturday, May 5, 2012

What's up, Whatsapp?

I find it curious that WhatsApp hasn't seemed to find much traction in North America. In Barcelona people are all over it, no matter what they do or whom they text. In Toronto, and I know this for a fact, some people know about it, but they are too few and far in between. I have a WhatsApp contact list of 30 or so people, 5 of them Russian, 5 of them Canadian, and the rest is all Barcelona friends. My phone book, from which WhatsApp plucks users who installed the app, has some 275 contacts in it, and most of them are Toronto people.

And the app was developed in California... Possibly Americans use it more often than Canadians; it would make sense considering the horrendous charges even for incoming texts in the U.S. Even so... Too bad Canada doesn't want to jump on board with Europe. I have unlimited global texting, but I still like WhatsApp better.

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