Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pan con tomate recipe

Tomatoes make everything better. I have no idea how Catalans came up with the idea of their pan con tomate, but that's something I can't say no to ever, in any restaurant in Barcelona. My dad and I have a running joke that we are always hoping that nobody offers us bread with tomatoes, because the only possible answer to the question "¿Quiere pan con tomate?" is "Sí-sí".

I've been making pan con tomate for breakfast several days in a row now, and I can't get enough of it, so here is my very simple recipe that always turns out delicious.

You will need:

- white bread with nice thick crust,

- one fresh tomato,

- a garlic clove (optional, but so flavourful),

- olive oil,

- sea salt.

Cut the bread in pieces, with as much crust as you can. Stick the bread in a toaster for two minutes or in a hot oven for a 3-4 minutes. Cut open a garlic clove, rub it over the soft side of each piece of bread. Cut the tomato in half, rub the juicy side of it over the soft side of each piece of bread. Drip as much or as little olive oil over the tomato side of each piece. Add sea salt. Enjoy.

It makes every sandwich better as well. Yeah, I stole that idea from Catalans too!

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