Monday, July 18, 2011

Barcelona with kids

So, here is the set-up to the link I am about to post.

You have arrived in Barcelona. The weather's perfect, as it tends to be here; your pockets are full of cash (put it away now); the rented apartment is ready and waiting. You've got an amazing week or two ahead of you.


But of course you are not here by yourself, and I don't even mean your significant other, even though he or she is here as well. No, I mean a couple of screaming little devils (or angels, depending on your perspective), toiling after you to the airport exit, tired after the flight and feeling particularly capricious at this very moment.

What's Mom and Dad to do?

Enjoy the holiday, of course, since Barcelona is a delightful place for everybody and anybody, and there is plenty of stuff to do, when you are travelling as a family unit. Here are some insights on children's Barcelona. Yup, that's the link I was talking about; it even has some pictures attached.

And, as always, you can rent an apartment in Barcelona here.

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